Zodiac 3R helmet

850 kr
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* Large vents ensure a constant supply of fresh air
* Cradle folds into helmet to significantly reduce the pack size
* Fully adjustable chin strap with closure system positioned under the ear for greater comfort
* Overhauled Wing Fit system with rear adjustment dial fits all head shapes
* Detachable, washable padding
* Side/front/back impact tested according to EN 12492
* Inner and outer shells made from recycled material
* Integrated head torch clips (two in the front, one in the back) Another EDELRID pioneer on the sustainability front! The ZODIAC 3R is the first recycled helmet on the market: the outer shell made of polyamide consists of recycled climbing ropes from our production; the EPS inner shell is recycled too. However, there is no detrimental effect on safety, comfort, or ventilation. The ZODIAC 3R is ideal for mountaineering, climbing, and for use on via ferratas. Its hybrid structure provides good all-round protection with additional protection against side impact; simultaneously, the modern design features a very large ventilation area to help wearers retain a cool head even in heated situations. Even the minor details have been optimized: the Wing Fit system allows for optimal and quick adjustment, the new chin strap buckle is easy to use, and the padding is removable and washable.

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